“Taxation without representation is tyranny.” – James Otis, 1761

I am concerned that during this process of electing representation to Congress, our right to representation is being surrendered. Anybody who knows me, knows this breach infuriates me. At a time in Washington DC when budgets are being passed, and tax plans are being debated and adopted, UT-CD3’s citizens will not be represented. That’s wrong.

I stand firmly with the Utah Republican Party’s position on Taxation, which reads:

We accept the necessity for limited taxation in order for government to perform and administer those services which meet essential public needs. However, we recognize that the power to tax is also the power to control, and believe that the best way to control government is to strictly control the amount of taxes imposed on the people. We encourage further simplification of tax systems, the elimination of the estate tax, and broad-based rate reduction where possible.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Internal Revenue Service must be closed for business. Tax forms should be simplified and “reduced to the size of a postcard.”

I support the concept of a “Fair Tax,” which encourages the implementation of a consumption tax.