For me, socialized medicine is not theoretical . . . I’ve seen it.  My wife literally bears the scars of socialized medicine.  What should be a ½ inch scar is 7 inch scar.  When I first lived in Ukraine, I rented a room from a doctor who was chief of surgery.  She needed the $50 a month I gave her.  When my parents came for my wedding, my landlady took my dad on tour of the hospital.  My father is an oral surgeon and had served in Vietnam and so had seen less than perfectly sterile conditions, and yet my dad was literally green when he came home from the hospital.  He told me, “Chris, if you ever get sick, crawl on a plane and come home.”
Too few politicians fully understand the consequences of socialized medicine, how it controls cost by rationing and delaying, rather than innovation and improved efficiency and gives government way too much control over our lives. 
The ACA needs to be completely repealed.  Period.  And then we must find ways to increase free market forces to reduce costs such HAS’s and insurance choice.