Net Neutrality is a perfect example of how clever progressives are.   Who could be against neutrality, right?  But the devil is always in the details.  Who gets to decide what is neutral, what is “fair” or what is appropriate?
Fortunately, the courts have consistently ruled it unconstitutional which begs the question though why do liberals continue to push for it?  It’s a waste of money to keep trying to implement it.  (but also demonstrates why Supreme Court Nominees are so important!)
Yes, Broad band and telephone and utilities are treated differently, but let’s move to less government regulation model rather than more regulation model because the internet shouldn’t be regulated by rules made in 1934.  The internet is in much more danger from government involvement than it is from no government involvement.
But let’s be honest . . . Net Neutrality is just a backdoor way to eventually tax and control the internet.  As the Heritage Foundation has said, “Net Neutrality is a recipe for crony capitalism.”