Utah’s Department of Transportation (UDOT), has done a remarkable job of implementing technology and innovation to create efficiencies in road construction projects. Those efficiencies translate into reduced funding reliance and needs—saving taxpayers big dollars! State’s should manage their own road projects. And, to a large degree we already do.

I was in the legislature when we built the Utah County portion of the I-15 re-construction project. With design-build management, and technological efficiencies by UDOT, and competent subcontractors, it cost taxpayers only $1.1 billion dollars (that’s a good deal), and…Utah funded the project!

I will work to eliminate the federal gas tax. Sending money we generate in Utah to Washington DC, filtered through layers of bureaucracy, only to have those dollars returned to us (minus “processing” fees), makes no sense to me. But, that’s government for you.