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“Chris Herrod is a strong conservative and a principled leader whom I admire. He led my campaign in Utah to a major victory, and I’m confident he’ll prove to be a courageous conservative in Congress — at a time when more strong leaders are very much needed.”

– Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

“I am excited to endorse Chris Herrod for Congress. As a State Representative and leader in this community, Chris has proven that he understands the principles of liberty and has shown that he is willing to fight for them. There is no doubt that he has the convictions that will help to move this country in the right direction.”

– Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

RUNDASSA IS A NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZEN FROM ETHIOPIA. Watch Rundassa’s video and his thoughts on legal immigration and its importance to American order.

ARTURO IS A NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZEN FROM MEXICO. Watch this 3:26 video about his thoughts on immigrating with diginity.

ALIA IS A NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZEN FROM UKRAINE. Watch this 2:14 video about Alia’s experiences in the former Soviet Union, and her feelings about how Americans are losing their freedom.

FLOR IS A NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZEN FROM VENEZUELA. Watch this 2:23 video about how Flor came to the United States, and her feelings about government and the Constitution.

COMMISSIONER PHIL LYMAN. San Juan County Commissioner Endorsement.

COMMISSIONER BRUCE ADAMS. San Juan County Commission.

COUNTY COUNCILMAN CURTIS WELLS. Grand County Councilman Endorsement.