Chris Herrod for Congress is endorsed by US and Utah conservative leaders


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator Rand Paul

Utah Rep. Mike Noel

Utah Rep. Brian Greene

Commissioner Bill Lee (Utah County)

Commissioner Phil Lyman (San Juan County)

Commissioner Bruce Adams (San Juan County)

Councilman Curtis Wells (Grand County)

Councilman Paul Cozzens (Cedar City)

Form. Senator Mark Madsen

Form. Utah Rep. Curtis Oda

Form. Utah Rep. Patrick Painter

Form. Utah Rep. Ken Sumsion

Form. Utah Rep. Craig Frank

Form. Utah Rep. Carl Wimmer

Form. Utah Rep. Fred C. Cox

Form. Utah Rep. Matt Throckmorton


Veterans for Chris Herrod


COL (RET) Andrew Wood

(Special Forces in Benghazi, Libya, lives in Orem, UT)


COL Wood received national recognition after sharing his experience in Benghazi while serving in the Utah National Guard. The September 11, 2012 terrorist attack at the U.S compound in Benghazi resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three colleagues. He officially endorsed Chris Herrod in Utah’s Third Congressional race on July 25.


John “Chuck” Williams, Lt. COL USAF (Ret)

Former Assistant Deputy under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment, retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel, Heber and St. George, UT.


Andrew Wilson

Vietnam War veteran, Central Utah Veterans Home Advisory Board, Provo Veterans Council member, Provo, UT

“Chris Herrod, son of a Vietnam veteran, is the only candidate who cares for veterans and their unique issues. I support Herrod. I hope that you will too.”


Darryl J. Root

US Air Force Veteran, Spanish Fork, UT.

“Mr. Herrod, I am glad you are running, Sir! You are the best candidate, period!”


Kraig A. Thorne

Utah County veteran, Civil Air Patrol, US Army, Pleasant Grove, UT.

“I have known Chris Herrod for years and there is not a single person running for the Third District who will make a better Representative than Chris Herrod!!! He will not change when he gets to D.C. and is a man of his word.”


Curtis Oda

US Marine Corps, Former Utah House Representative, Clearfield, UT


Matt Throckmorton

Executive Director at Utah Military Academy, former Navy Officer, Former Utah House Representative, American Fork, UT


Family for Chris Herrod


Alia Herrod

(Chris Herrod’s wife, U.S citizen, originally from Ukraine)

“I wholeheartedly endorse my husband Chris Herrod for Congress. He is sincere, passionate, courageous, and he will speak out for what is right no matter the consequences, which is big in the political world. Most would sit on the sidelines until they know it is safe, or would do surveys to see ‘which way the wind is blowing,’ what’s popular, before even taking a position.


“He has not just been voting right or watching what happens, but he has been front and center, getting involved, doing and fighting for what is right, whether in legislature, writing media op-eds, shedding light on difficult issues through his book on illegal immigration, reigniting a state rights movement in Utah, teaching about the U. S. Constitution and principles of freedom and free market, volunteering in Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign and many other things he has been involved in with no compensation. This does not make him a career politician. Serving in legislature for 6 years, which is part time 6 weeks of the year, is a true service, not a paid job.


“Chris is very patriotic and has inner integrity that make him incorruptible. You can trust him to do what he says he would do, because he has done what he says he would do in the past and shows it by his conservative voting record. People who say otherwise are twisting his record and don’t even know how to read bills. How can they be fit for legislature, how can they be trusted if they can’t even say the truth or read bills. His conservative record, his preparedness to serve and being trustworthy and honorable, his vast foreign experience distinguishes him from others and makes him the best candidate by far in this race.


“We have been married for almost 25 years since we met in Ukraine in 1992. We have 5 kids ages 8 to 20. He has been a great father, husband, and a provider for our family. He is humble and often downplays his talents and accomplishments. The ‘ticket’ saga promoted in the social media is just twisted around dirt the opponents found because there is really nothing else there. He never makes himself above the rest, it is so far from the truth.


“Chris would not promote himself and what he does by showing off on FB, twitter, Instagram, building a following or a legacy, but instead he would go out and get involved and do what he believes in, a lot of times with no recognition. He is not flashy in his clothing, appearance, socks, etc. He is just a regular person like you and me. We live in a regular neighborhood in Edgemont area of Provo in a 30 year old house, and not in any gated community. We are just regular people like you who are passionate about this country and concerned about the direction it is taking, concerned about losing our freedoms stated in the U.S. Constitution written by the founding fathers of this nation.


“Our campaign doesn’t have staffers, but rather hundreds of volunteers working countless hours for free who have known Chris for years and are very devoted to true principles of freedom and know they can trust him. Our support in the state is so wide, that the line upon line donations we have received outnumbers any other campaign with small $25 to $100 donations from regular people, some seniors on fixed income, and not from CEO’s of companies. He is supported nationwide as well from many conservative people which is a big plus, not the other way around. The organizations that support him are nationally recognized conservative organizations committed to principles of freedom and small government. Don’t let flashy ads or mail cards deceive you.


“I know you can trust Chris Herrod and will not be disappointed when you elect him to Congress. Please mark those ballots by voting for Chris Herrod and mail them before August 14th!”


Niles Herrod

(Chris Herrod’s oldest son)

“My name is Niles Herrod. I am an Eagle Scout and I am 18 years old. I recently graduated from Timpview High School in Provo, Utah. In school, I often discussed politics with my peers. I even had one friend say to me, ‘Niles, can we not talk about politics? We are 17-18 years old so what’s the point? What difference are we ever going to make?’ I want to prove him wrong. As an 18 year old, I know I CAN make a difference. I CAN influence others even if it is in a small way.


“My dad, Chris Herrod, cares deeply about you and is passionate about this country and its government. He understands what needs to be done and knows more about our Government then anybody I have ever met. He will always defend our Utah values. He loves and cherishes the constitution and will always fight to protect it. He will stand up for what is right no matter the situation. I have seen him do that all throughout my life. He is the only one in this race who has legislative experience and will hit the ground running. He doesn’t only vote right, he actually takes action when most would just stand there.


“My dad is not afraid to have difficult conversations that may seem very uncomfortable to others. He will talk about issues that really matter and get to work and take action. He will stand when standing needs to be done and be strong and courageous. He will never lay down and be a pushover.


“My dad has a unique view and has an amazing amount of experience and knowledge on politics. He lived in and traveled to many countries. He is married to an immigrant who grew up in the former Soviet Union, my Mom. He is an amazing father and supporter. He has taught me so much in life. He is honest, humble, loving, patient, and has a special attitude towards things. I don’t know anyone who loves this country more than my dad.


“There is no question that Chris Herrod is the most qualified candidate in this race. He is EXACTLY what we need at this critical time.


“So be the voter that proves my friend wrong, that my words CAN really make a difference.


“Vote Chris Herrod for Congress!”


Galima Bradbury

(Recent Vernal resident, originally from Ukraine)

“I just listened to the interview of Chris on Glenn Beck show and what I heard is what I have seen over the last 25 years that I have known Chris Herrod. He is a genuine and consistent conservative and will represent our Utah values well. Vote Chris Herrod for Congress!”


Utah Residents for Chris Herrod


Paul Cozzens

Cedar City Councilman, state and county delegate in Iron County, owner Cozzens Cabinets, LLC

“Chris Herrod is humble, fearless and someone that does the right thing despite the consequences. He is successful and persuasive in his demeanor and leadership thereby getting results. That is what we need in a representative in DC more than anything right now. Chris served as the state director for the Ted Cruz campaign and I was fortunate to work with him as the Southern Utah coordinator and as a national delegate in Cleveland. We need politicians who are not afraid to speak their mind. Chris Herrod is fluent in current issues and has proven he is a worker, can hit the ground running and represent you well. He is an expert on immigration issues, espousing the principles found in our republican platform and constantly teaching the principles found in the U.S. constitution as well and fighting for our Utah caucus system. He walks the walk and I know of no candidate let alone person better prepared and willing to truly serve as a representative in Congress than Chris.


“I first met Chris Herrod in 2013 and soon realized he is the real deal and have enjoyed the association, friendship and opportunity we have had to work together. I believe this quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr describes him perfectly:


“‘Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency ask the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But, conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when we must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.'”


Pamela Romney Openshaw

Author and Speaker, Promises of the Constitution, Provo, UT

“Chris is solid in his understanding of conservative, constitutional principles. While understanding is essential, it is not enough—action is required. Chris has shown himself willing, able and effective in taking action in the legislative process during his terms in the Utah State legislature. He holds to his principles when others waffle; he is consistently conservative when others are conservative only when it is fashionable. Chris also has the support of others in the Utah conservative community whose opinions I value. Chris was selected by the People of Utah—by their elected delegates to run as the candidate for the Republican Party. I believe him to be the most effective and the only valid Republican candidate to represent Utah in the federal legislature. I encourage all to support him as a candidate.”


Phill Wright

American Patriot Service Board Member, Bank of Utah VP Mortgage Area Manager, former Chair of Utah National Delegation to the 2016 RNC Convention

“Chris Herrod is principled and grounded in his conservative Republican beliefs. Unlike his opponents, he isn’t new to the party or the political process. He understands the problems facing our country, and he has the wisdom and experience to help solve those problems. He understands the proper role of government and he will help hold Washington accountable. I have known Chris for many years and know that he is a man of great character and integrity. Unlike many who campaign for political office he will actually do the things he says he’ll do when he gets to Washington. Chris was the overwhelming choice of the Republican Party delegates at convention. He has won the support and endorsement of two of the most conservative members of Congress. If you support and endorse the conservative principles of the Utah Republican Party platform, Chris should also receive your vote.”


Fred Cox

Utah Architect, former Utah House Representative, West Valley City, UT

“Chris Herrod supports limiting Federal over reach and protecting our freedoms. He believes in the US Constitution. He married someone from Ukraine and is not a fan of Russia as he lived under Soviet rule for a few years. He has been pro-legal immigration for years. His wife’s family came from Muslim upbringing and he isn’t prejudiced. Chris Herrod is the best candidate running for Utah’s Congressional District 3 ‘vacancy.’ I served with Chris in the Utah Legislature in 2011 and 2012. He cares deeply for this county. He has my full support and endorsement.”


Carl Wimmer

Police Officer, former Utah House Representative, Gunnison, UT

“I am so, so proud of my friend Chris Herrod winning convention to replace Jason Chaffetz in Congress. Chris and I served very closely together in the legislature, were part of a movement for state sovereignty, and sponsored a lot of legislation together. Chris is just a good man, his family is lovely, and he will absolutely serve with honor.”


Janalee Tobias

Gun rights and grassroots activist, author, Utah Commission on Immigration

“It’s always refreshing to see a candidate who has the experience and background to back up his support for hardworking taxpayers. I’ve seen Chris Herrod in action throughout the years. He cares about saving your money, protecting your property and your values, and the great American dream. He is the candidate for the grassroots. He is bold and unwavering in the face of unpopular opinions with people in power and he doesn’t back down when facing extreme pressure from the establishment. Please encourage everyone you know to vote for him.”


Pam Warren

Provo, UT resident

“I’ve known Chris for about 10 years. His integrity is unquestionable. What you see is what you get. No bait and switch–he will do what he says he will do, work to accomplish it by working with others. He has my vote.”


Adam Gale

Web Advisor at Bluehost.com, UT

“Chris Herrod is a personal friend of mine and his wife a legal immigrant. They are some of the nicest people I have ever known and Chris has more Integrity than most men that I know. I happily encourage everyone in the Third District to vote for Chris Herrod. The only clear choice for Conservatives is Chris Herrod. He has a history of standing up for Utah, and he actually talks to his constituents. Chris also never backs down from a fight, and is never backed into a corner by any big business or corporate bully.”


Bus Gillespie

Retired educator, Provo, UT

“Chris has a great understanding of the principles of conservatism and the only one in the race with legislative experience.”


Keri Witte

Provo, UT resident

“I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Herrod. Chris is the only candidate with both the legislative and international experience needed for the job; Chris is a constitutional Republican who defends rights and freedoms; Chris is a fiscal conservative who works to keep government and taxation limited; Chris was vetted and elected by delegates as the GOP Convention’s nominee; Chris is a man of integrity. I’ve known him for several years and I trust him to be my next Congressman. Please join me in voting for Chris Herrod for Congress!”


Joely Huggard

State and County Delegate, Pleasant Grove, UT

“Please support Chris Herrod for congress. He is unafraid of principles over what is popular. He overwhelmingly won the GOP delegates at a special convention this year.”


Jennifer Irwin Chamberlain

Saratoga Springs, UT resident

“I love that my uncle comes out every year and flies his balloon! This year my daughter got to ride with her uncle along with her cousin and congressional candidate Chris Herrod, which was so fun! They were able to go quite high this year! I have known Chris for several years. He is very constitutionally principled, and he will stand firm on those principles in Washington. He is the only candidate who has the knowledge and record of standing for principles. We need Congressmen like Chris Herrod in D.C. If you live in the third congressional district in Utah and you want a principled man who values the Constitution to represent you, please vote for Chris Herrod. Utah really needs him to protect our rights and freedoms.”


Lawrence Cerenzie

President, Cerenzie Engineering Consulting, UT

“Chris Herrod is our man to replace Jason Chaffetz. He is knowledgeable. He is honest. He is conservative. He believes in our Constitution. He wants to get the Utah public lands to make them productive for the people of Utah and the nation. He is one fine, principled man. He brings some very unique experience and understanding to Washington. Chris is a former Utah State legislator. He has knowledge and wisdom relative to governmental operations. Chris supports getting our lands back to generate wealth for the people and pay down the deficit. Chris Herod is the right man for the job.”


Mike Christensen

Sr. Mortgage Consultant at UCCU, Mapleton, UT

“Chris Herrod and I worked together many years in the mortgage loan business together. Chris is a hard working honest guy that I believe has the interests of his clients at hand. When issues came up, Chris was there to take care of those and to satisfy all concerns that clients had. Chris would be a great fit for Utah. You really get to know people as you work with them every day. I know Chris has the talents to represent us well in Congress. Please vote for him.”


Jan Vorwalle Eshete

African restaurant and DBO services co-owner, Vorwalle Homestead manager, Stansbury Park, UT

“I have been so grateful to Chris Herrod from the time I first met my husband, Rundassa Eshete, and heard about his loyal friendship with Chris that started when they met in Ukraine in the early 1990s. After completing school at Kharkov University, Rundassa had an opportunity to come to the US for a master’s program but was refused an exit visa seven times from the Russian government. It was because of Chris’s generosity and unfailing encouragement that ultimately helped Rundassa legally make it over to America to continue his education. Rundassa was ready to give up but Chris gave him hope. Eventually Chris’s family became Rundassa’s host family when he first arrive at BYU where I met him. I have watched Chris over the last 20 years work tirelessly fighting for our freedoms with unwavering moral convictions. I would just love to see him succeed and represent Utah in the US Congress.


“Jan’s husband, Rundassa Eshete, is originally from Ethiopia. He was the first member of the LDS church in Kharkov in 1992 and instantly became friends with Chris, being drawn to each other as freedom patriots. Rundassa escaped socialism which was installed in Ethiopia through Soviet invasion and destroyed everything he held dear: their house, property, family members, took away their freedoms. He ended up studying at Kharkov University in Ukraine, then immigrated to the US, went to BYU and got MBA, got married, started business in Utah. He has 3 kids and adopted his nephew and niece from Ethiopia, whose parents were killed by the ruling regime, and brought them to the U.S. legally. One of them, Lense Eshete is Team Herrod most devout volunteer. She and Rundassa feel strongly patriotic about this country and that Chris is the best candidate for Congress.”


Daniel Earley

Former Lehi resident

“My default position on any political candidate is generally skepticism. I’ve known many of them, and for the last couple of years I’ve had the chance to work closely with Chris Herrod for extended periods on a regular basis. This is a man whose habits have impressed me. He is focused largely on two things: continually learning, and continually serving his fellow man and his country. He is thoughtful, humble, level headed, reliable, and his integrity is unsurpassed. He understands and loves both the principles of human liberty, and the unique ways the Constitution protects it in an ordered society. Over his life, Chris has matured into the kind of public servant I am very comfortable supporting for Congress. His calm balancing of matters of the heart and mind will bring rational insight to heated topics. The nation will discover that even while standing by one’s principles, civil dialogue can actually improve. Utah will quickly find itself proud to have Chris in Congress.”


Melanie Ogden Sorensen

Constitutional Conservatives of Utah County leader, Utah Republican Assembly Utah County President, Orem UT

“I can’t recommend Chris Herrod enough! We are so lucky to have a person with so much integrity running for Congress! I would echo the words of Ken Cuccinelli from Senate Conservatives Fund who endorsed him: ‘Chris is a down the line conservative leader who has the courage to fight for our principles and values. I have gotten to know Chris personally over the past year and I can tell you that he’s someone we can count on to support and defend the Constitution. He has a proven record as a state legislator and he supports all of our policy goals to reduce the size of government and expand freedom and opportunity for all Americans.’

“Chris Herrod is just the kind of incorruptible person you always wish would run for Congress. What I love about Chris is that he cares more about speaking the truth and doing what is right that getting elected. He is smart, kind and humble person. But do not underestimate his ability to do the right thing under pressure.”


K. Vernon Castleton

Self-employed, Springville, UT

“I’ve known Chris Herrod for over 20 years. He is the best defender of liberty I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. If you want a balanced budget, common sense immigration solutions, and a strong defense of constitutional principles, then I urge you to support and vote for Chris Herrod.”


Dave Levine

An Independent Conservative, radio show host at The Dave Levine Show

“It is important that Independent Conservatives in Utah’s 3rd District vote for Chris Herrod! He is ‘the real thing,’ a Constitutional Conservative and will be a welcome change to D.C.”


Heidi Klameth Moore

Writer and personal assistant working from home, Provo, UT

“Chris is an authentic principled conservative candidate who is the kind of person we need in D.C.”


Renee LaPray and Kevin Braddy

Educator, Highland, UT

“Chris Herrod is our friend and patriot. He is a warrior and defender of the truth.”


Heidi Smith

George Wythe University, student, UT

“Chris Herrod is my friend and mentor of three years. He is a sincere and thoughtful Conservative, and I am thrilled to be supporting him for Congress.”


Bob Bishop

Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist, Kearns, Utah

“Chris Herrod is the candidate who will support the Republican platform and the Constitution. It is important to elect Chris to the 3rd district as he will honor his oath of office.”